Living Medicine runs practical workshops in London and beyond in how we can use plants and foods to support our health and treat common conditions safely. Our award-winning 5-part course, Self Care with Food & Herbs, may also be taken as single sessions. However, we strongly recommend starting with the Basics session as this lays the foundation for all the rest.

If you’d like further information or have any problems booking, email or call 020 7736 8975.

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Living Medicine: Skin and First Aid on 8 September
Living Medicine: Coughs, Colds and Allergies on 10 November

Our courses held in Marlow start from 18 May.

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Our new course Food and Wellbeing Remedies for Parents and Toddlers starts from 5 July.

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Click here for our handout Living Medicine Basics of Self Care
Click here for our handout Basics of Self Care for Parents and Toddlers