Living Medicine runs practical workshops in London and beyond in how we can use plants and foods to support our health and treat common conditions safely. Our award-winning 5-part course, Self Care with Food & Herbs, may also be taken as single sessions, as below. Click on each title below for more details.

If you’d like further information or have any problems booking, email or call 020 7736 8975.

18 Jan 2018   Self Care 2. Digestive Discomforts

Fulham, London SW6

Unlock the healing power of your kitchen and garden! Discover how to use food and herbs safely to create resilience and treat everyday ailments.

08 Feb 2018   Self Care 3. Sleep, Anxiety and Fatigue

Fulham, London SW6

Come and learn about how to use plants and foods to boost mood, energy and sleep! we'll learn about how plants work on the body/mind and identify the important bean plant family in the garden. We will make remedies including a sleep hot chocolate and discover how to use essential oils and other k...

08 Mar 2018   Self Care 4: Skin and First Aid

Fulham, London SW6

Create your own food & herb know-how kit for first aid and skin problems. Together we will identify plants from the tissue healing daisy and make remedies including an infused oil, ointment and creams, learning how to apply essential oils safely.

05 Apr 2018   Self Care 5. Coughs, Colds and Allergies

Fulham, London SW6

Don't miss the chance to boost your immune system and find out how to resist coughs and colds! Understand the principles in using foods that contain substances to boost our resilience and treat coughs and colds, along with allergies. We'll learn, in the garden, how the rose family triggers immune...